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Counselling Support for LGBT Groups

LGBT - have been providing support to the LGBT community for over 10 years. I work for organisations in Birmingham and Wolverhampton as a Counsellor and Clinical Supervisor.

I am experienced and qualified to work with couples and individuals. So whether you are struggling with intimacy or your sexual identity I am willing to support you through your difficulties. I am also able to help in other areas such as bullying, discrimination, depression, stress, anxiety, sexual/physical/emotional abuse, bereavement and loss, alcohol/substance abuse, anger issues and much more.

LGBT - am familiar with difficulties LGBT groups encounter in their lives. As a Counsellor and Clinical Supervisor I am committed to providing LGBT groups with the best possible service I can offer and a safe space to work on your issues as an individual or couple.


If you would like some professional help or just an informal chat please click here to view my contact details.

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