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Blue Monday – Depression and Anxiety

Depression and Anxiety are prevalent in our society, many of us can deal with feeling low and depressed or anxious on a daily basis. January 17 has been deemed Blue Monday in the media, coined in 2004 by psychologist Cliff Arnall, the third Monday of January is the considered the most depressing day of the […]

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Online and Telephone Counselling Birmingham and Kingswinford – Paul Carter 2022

Online and Telephone Counselling Birmingham and Kingswinford – Paul Carter is continuing to offer a range of support in 2022 online and on the telephone. Below is a roundup of the services Paul has to offer and how you can get in touch. What Support does Paul Carter offer? Counselling & Psychotherapy – for more […]

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Dry January 2022

Dry January 2022 – What is it? Dry January is the Uk’s one month alcohol free challenge. It was started by Alcohol Change UK in 2012. What are the possible benefits? Giving up alcohol for a month will have a positive impact on your physical and emotional wellbeing, particularly if you drink regularly. The possible […]

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Managing Alcohol at Christmas

Managing Alcohol at Christmas can be incredibly important for many of us who like a drink, struggle with drinking, who are not used to it or who don’t want to drink. In our society much of our lives can be centred around drinking or places where you can drink, particularly so before the pandemic. We […]

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Four Daily Micro Habits for a Better Day

Four Daily Micro Habits for a better day. A micro habit is a very small change that can be made to your day, that over time will accumulate and have a big impact on your life. A micro habit should not take long to do and not take a great deal of effort. The idea […]

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Christmas and Relationship / Couples Counselling

Christmas and Relationship / Couples Counselling – The Christmas period can be difficult for everyone in different ways, we lose our routines, we are spending more time with family, sometimes we are spending more time with people we wouldn’t normally spend time with at all, perhaps that we don’t particularly like or get on with. […]

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Dealing with Unexpected Change

Dealing with unexpected change can be incredibly difficult. When things happen out of the blue, we can feel disoriented and destabilised, we can also feel shock and a sense that everything is out of place. What can feel like an unexpected change for one person someone else might take in their stride. We all have […]

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3 Tips for Managing your Workload

3 Tips for Managing your Workload – at this time of year we can all feel overwhelmed and that there is too much to do. Christmas holidays are coming up, we are making arrangements to be with family, we want to go shopping and do nice things, and all of this has to be managed […]

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The Benefits of Taking a Lunch Break

The Benefits of taking a lunch break to your mental and emotional health might not immediately seem obvious. When we are hard at work and in the middle of what we are doing, sometimes the last thing we want to do is stop, eat, get distracted and lose the flow of what we are doing. […]

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Anti-Bullying Week 15 November – 19 November 2021

Anti-Bullying Week 15 November – 19 November 2021 – this week is anti-bullying week. The Anti Bullying Alliance are the official organisers of Anti Bullying week.  The theme of this year’s campaign is one kind word. You can find out more about the Anti-Bullying Alliance and their theme this year by watching their video. The […]

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