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Depression, Stress & Anxiety


Dealing with depression

Depression is a psychological illness. With depression, people feel low in mood over a period of time. Sometimes people feel it is difficult for them to get out of bed in the morning, others feel fatigued or lethargic, some people feel that life is not worth living. Others find medication from the doctor helps. Others find that counselling helps. Some people feel depressed when they do not express their feelings and emotions and as a result they hold them in. The aim in counselling is to help the person to express these emotions and feelings so that they do come out. By learning to do this, people often feel less depressed and no longer experience the symptoms associated with depression.


Stress and Anxiety

We can become stressed or anxious in certain situations or with certain people. Some individuals get overwhelmed by stress or anxiety. Sometimes this is caused by beliefs,
uncertainty, or expectations of themselves or beliefs others have of them. Exploring these beliefs or expectations with a professional counsellor may help to alleviate stress or anxiety. A counsellor, who specialises in stress and anxiety management, may be able to help a person to realise that the beliefs or expectations they hold are either not true or unnecessary. Coping with stress and anxiety Sometimes individuals are unaware of the beliefs or expectations they hold and a counsellor can help to bring these into awareness and explore which ones are useful and necessary and which ones need to be changed.

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