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Struggling with your Sexuality? Counselling Support

Struggling with your Sexuality can be isolating and lonely. You might be experiencing feelings of depression, anxiety and low self-esteem. Having someone to speak to about how you are feeling, a safe, confidential space to explore and reflect on your sexuality can be hugely beneficial in helping you to come to a place of acceptance. […]

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Relationship Counselling – Not just for couples

Relationship Counselling is not just for people who are a part of a couple. Relationship counselling can be useful for any relationship dynamic where you are experiencing struggles and would like to find a way to explore what is happening in your relationship and find a way forward that works for both of you. So, […]

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Personality Disorders a Brief Overview

Personality Disorders a Brief Overview – this blog gives a quick overview of what personality disorders are, how they are treated and where you can get help. What are Personality Disorders? Our personality is formed by the way we think feel and behave, our personality is influenced by the experiences we have, our environment and […]

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Heat and Mental Health – Why are we more cranky in hot weather?

Heat and Mental Health is perhaps not something we think about too much in the UK, for the most part of the year we don’t experience extreme heat, we tend to have limited number of hot days which never reach the temperatures experienced by other countries. At the moment however, we are feeling unprecedented temperatures […]

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Summer Sadness – Summertime Blues

Summer Sadness is not something I had heard about in relation to the summer. To me Seasonal Affective Disorder or SAD has always been associated with the darker winter months. We have a blog on SAD you might find interesting Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) However, many find the sunnier spring and summer months very difficult […]

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Making Difficult Changes – Tips and Ideas    

Making difficult changes is something that we all face at one time or another in our lives. Some people breeze through change, some struggle with it but ultimately come through on the other side and some actively resist it or sabotage it. Difficult changes in our life could mean anything, moving house, getting a new […]

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Gardening for Better Mental Health

Gardening for better mental health – as summer is here many of us are taking advantage of the nicer weather and getting out into the garden, enjoying the sunshine, BBQs and the fresh air. We have a number of other blogs on this website that explain the benefits of spending time in nature. Plant Therapy […]

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Tips for Low Self Confidence & Self Esteem

Tips for low self confidence – If you are experiencing low self esteem you may be also experiencing a lack of confidence in yourself and your abilities. What is healthy self- confidence and self-esteem? When we have healthy self-esteem we feel positive about ourselves and about life, we tend to also have confidence in our […]

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Are holidays good for mental health?

Are holidays good for mental health? Summer is upon us and many of us will be thinking about getting away for a couple of weeks maybe to another country, seeking out new adventures and experience or perhaps exploring the UK visiting the amazing countryside or coast. I have mixed feelings about going on holiday. On […]

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Protecting children from abuse Workbook 2 Parts 1 & 2

Protecting Children From Abuse ConverSafe Workbook 2 Parts 1 & 2 – Exploring Touch and Exploring Body Touch. Esha Johnson has recently released her second Children’s Therapeutic Activity Books. These books are for parents, carers, teachers, foster carers, social workers, counsellors, indeed any practitioner working with children. It is to be completed together with the […]

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