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Blue Monday – Depression and Anxiety

Depression and Anxiety are prevalent in our society, many of us can deal with feeling low and depressed or anxious on a daily basis. January 17 has been deemed Blue Monday in the media, coined in 2004 by psychologist Cliff Arnall, the third Monday of January is the considered the most depressing day of the year, With continued dark nights and cold weather, a return to work and the arrival of credit card bills paying off Christmas.

The BBC published an article today on the pros and cons of Blue Monday. Blue Monday: Why it’s a load of rubbish. The feeling is that labelling one day of the year in this way can be damaging for people who have mental health difficulties, adding extra anxiety to the day. It would seem that companies are also using it as a way to sell things. On the other hand it seems to open up conversations about mental health and depression online and can encourage people to have hard conversations about depression and anxiety that they wouldn’t normally have.

Blue Monday

If you are struggling with depression and anxiety you might find talking to a professional like Paul Carter helpful. We have a couple of blogs on our website which you might find helpful.

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