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National Simplicity Day 12 July 2021

National Simplicity Day is every Year on 12th July. The 12th July was the birthday of Henry Deavid Thoreau (1817)  “As you simplify your life, the laws of the universe will be simpler.” Thoreau

Henry David Thoreau believed:

“that people have knowledge about themselves that ‘transcends’ all the external forces in their lives. They advocated for living a simpler life to better get in touch with those feelings.”

The idea behind National Simplicity Day is to encourage people to let go of the complications and the busyness of everyday life. We have many things in our lives today that are supposed to make things more efficient and easier, but actually end up taking up more of our time and energy and causes us to look outwards rather than inwards. National Simplicity Day is an opportunity to take a look at our lives anew and get rid of unnecessary clutter and reconnect with our inner core values.

National Simplicity Day

How can you simplify your life?

  1. De-clutter – think about what you want and need in your life and get rid of the rest, sell it, take it to a charity shop or give it away, or take it to the tip. Decluttering and cleaning is good for your mental health (Please see our blog Managing Anxiety 3 Quick Tips) also less things in your home will mean less time spent cleaning. Buying less stuff, less clothes will also mean you have more money.
  2. Smplify your Finances – look at your budget and see what isn’t essential, the gym membership to the gym you rarely go to, subscription services you hardly use. If you have debt make a plan on how to tackle it, get advice. Having healthier finances will mean greater peace of mind, less stress and more confidence.
  3. Time Commitments and Screen Time – what do you spend time doing that you don’t want to do. Can you cut back on this, or stop doing it? Do you enjoy what you spend your time doing? Do you spend time on social media or watching TV to the detriment of other things? Do the things you spend your time on line up with the truth of who you are and want to be? If not can you release yourself from some of these commitments? Stopping doing what you don’t want to do and doing more of what you want to do will boost self esteem and wellbeing.
  4. Your Thinking – Most of us are most critical of ourselves what we have done and what we haven’t done. We spend a lot of time judging ourselves and wanting things to be different. What if we stopped making a situation or fact mean something and just accept it and move on. For instance, many of us have gained weight in lockdown. This may be a truth but do we have to turn it into “I’ve gained weight so Im not worthy or a bad person.” That’s unnecessary and these thoughts weigh us down and we can get bogged down in judgment and depression. Releasing ourselves from the need to judge everything means freer and lighter thinking and being able to move on more quickly

National Simplicity Day

If you are looking for more formal support on how you can simplify your life or manage your thinking and emotions differently, call Paul Carter now to book an appointment or to discuss your issues further. At the moment Paul is only working online or the telephone due to COVID. To make an appointment please call Paul on 07843 813 537 or fill in the form on the Contact Page, if he doesn’t answer he is probably in a session, please leave him a message and he will call you back as soon as he can.

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