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Birmingham Counselling and Psychotherapy – Paul Carter. Paul Carter is a qualified and experienced Psychotherapist, Counsellor, Couples Counsellor, Clinical Supervisor and EMDR Practitioner, based in Birmingham and the West Midlands, online and on the phone. Birmingham Counselling & Psychotherapy can help with a wide range of issues, to see Paul Carter’s specialist areas please take a look at our Counselling Services Page.

“Counselling helps break the negative patterns and cycles of behaviour in our lives and helps us achieve empowerment and change.”

Birmingham Counselling and Psychotherapy – Paul Carter is an experienced and qualified Couples Counsellor offering Couples Counselling online. For more information on the Couples Counselling Service please check out our Couples Therapy Page.

“Healing cannot be pain free but we certainly should aim to minimise as much as possible the traumatising effects of the treatment itself” (Kepner,1996, p1).

Birmingham Counselling and Psychotherapy – Paul Carter is also recently qualified in EMDR. If you are struggling with Trauma, Abuse, bullying, depression, anxiety, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Witnessed or experienced something traumatic such as a car accident or violent crime or suddenly lost a love one, then EMDR may be able to help you. To find out more about EMDR please take a look at our EMDR page or read through some of our helpful articles. Alternatively, you can find out more about this method of Therapy by visiting this NHS page: 

Birmingham Counselling and Psychotherapy – Paul Carter is also an experienced clinical supervisor with many years experience working with trainee and fully qualified counsellors and psychotherapists for more information about Paul’s Supervision practice please check out his Clinical Supervsions Page

“…the self is not a structure but a changing process. The self varies according to the different people or things it encounters and of the ever changing circumstances of the field in which it exists.” (Mackewn, 2008, p97)

If you think that Birmingham Counselling and Psychotherapy could help you with an issue you are struggling with or clinical supervision for your counselling or psychotherapy practice please don’t hesitate to contact me. Please Call me on 07843 813537. Please leave a message if I can’t answer your call and I’ll call you back as soon as possible. If you have any other questions or enquiries please call or send me a message by completing the online enquiry formDue to COVID I am currently working exclusively online or on the telephone.

Covid & Getting Support

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Counselling Support no matter your locationRemote counselling sessions delivered online or over the phone

Because of the coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak, my face to face counselling services are closed until further notice.

However, I am able to offer counselling sessions via telephone or online video calling. There are many advantages to this, such as keeping yourself and others safe, but you may find it's more convenient to have your sessions from the comfort of your own home as well as saving time and money.

My services are no longer restricted to a location and you are welcome to contact me if you need support regardless of where you live. Call now on 07843 813 537 to book your first session or if you would just like a friendly chat about your issues and how I can help.

- Paul Carter