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Some Stages of Bereavement

Experiences are individual.
• There is no right or ‘normal’ way to react.
• Grief may last days, weeks, months or years.
• Trauma.
• May be experienced immediately or some time after.
• Feelings can be very strong and frightening.
• May feel like losing control or ‘going mad’.

All this is normal but if felt for a prolonged period it is recommended to consult a GP.

What Might we Fear?

Feelings of:
• Loneliness.
• Breaking down or losing control.
• Similar event happening again.
• Going to places that recall the event.
• Own safety.
• Safety of those close.
• Panic attacks.
• Sadness about the current death or other deaths.
• Longing for things that have gone or may never happen.

• Guilty that you are better off than others.
• Guilty for being alive or not injured.
• Guilty for not being able to protect others.
• Guilty for things you have said or not said and done.

• Shame for feeling helpless, emotional or needing others.
• Shame for not reacting or behaving as you would have wished.

• Angry about what has happened.
• Angry with who caused it or allowed it to happen.
• Angry about the injustice or senselessness
• Angry about other people’s lack of understanding.
• Angry about other peoples perceived mistakes or failures.

• It may seem unreal or like a dream.
• It may seem it has not really happened or has happened to someone else.

• Hoplessness about the future.
• Feel life is not worth living.
• Feel like ending your own life.

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