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Some Thoughts on Depression

Many of the clients that come for support in counselling feel depressed. Some people know they are depressed others don’t. Some have been diagnosed with depression others haven’t. Some people can be helped by medication, while others either do not want medication or do not find it helpful. Depression is a low mood, often brought on by something specific. However, there are other times when it is more difficult to specify the cause of depression.

From my point of view, depression is a holding in of feelings or thoughts. In other words feelings and thoughts that are not being expressed. When a person feels depressed, often the last thing they want to do is talk. What they often do is isolate themselves, therefore not getting much needed support. So their feelings and thoughts get held in.

It is up to each individual whether or not they seek help with medication. However, medication is not a cure it does help some people feel some relief from the depression, but it does not take the depression away.

As a counsellor, I work with clients who are feeling depressed in a therapeutic way. I help them to explore the cause of their depression and to find a way of expressing themselves in order that the depressed feeling lessens. This expression can be done in many different ways and as a counsellor, I help each individual to find their way of expressing themselves. This often involves being creative so that stagnated thoughts and feelings begin to move and the individual begins to feel relief.

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